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The Hollies School

The Hollies School

Learning to Flourish


At The Hollies we have used our experience and expertise in working with children on the autistic spectrum to develop an engaging and inclusive curriculum for all our learners. We ‘start with the child’ focusing on our pupils’ strengths and encouraging them to learn and grow at a pace and rate that is appropriate for each individual learner. Our assessment procedures have been designed to enhance our curriculum, ensuring a consistent and cohesive approach to pupil-centred teaching and
learning practices.

Our thematic curriculum offers the breadth and balance of the New Draft Curriculum for Wales, with engaging themes that provide a framework from within which teachers can plan exciting, interactive learning opportunities.

The learning environment at The Hollies school is designed to prioritise ‘communication’, ‘independence’, 'social skills' and ‘emotional regulation’; as these enable our pupils to access all other areas of their curriculum.

All our learners have the right to an education which tries to develop their personality and abilities as much as possible and encourages respect of other people’s rights and values as well as respect for the environment (The United Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 27 & 28). Pupil well-being is our utmost priority and we strive every day to ensure that each and every pupil is ‘learning to flourish’.

The Hollies Curriculum Summary

Hollies Curriculum Overview