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The Hollies School

The Hollies School

Learning to flourish

Curriculum information for parents

The Foundation Phase is the statutory curriculum for all three to seven year olds in Wales. It encourages children to be creative and imaginative, and makes learning more enjoyable and more effective.

Children at the Hollies School will have the opportunity to learn through experiential, investigative and directed play activities. For our children it is important to achieve a balance between self-exploration and teacher intervention, in order to appropriately challenge pupils, enabling them to reach their full potential.


The Foundation Phase focuses on 7 areas or learning:

• Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity

• Language, Literacy and Communication Skills (revised to include the literacy component of the LNF)

• Mathematical Development (revised to include the numeracy component of the LNF)

• Welsh Language Development

• Knowledge and Understanding of the World

• Physical Development

• Creative Development

Emphasis is placed on developing children’s skills across the Areas of Learning, to provide a suitable and integrated approach for young children’s learning.


For more information about the Foundation Phase Curriculum, visit:

At Key Stage 2, children have full access to the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum which is adapted to their needs.

In accordance with the new curriculum for Wales, the old National Curriculum subjects are now grouped into 6 areas of learning and experience:


Area of Learning

Current National Curriculum Alignment

Expressive Arts                                              

Art, Drama, Music,  Dance,  Film,  Digital Media

Health and Well being



History,  Geography, RE

Language, Literacy and Communication

English, Welsh, Digital Communication

Mathematical Development


Science and Technology

Science, DT, ICT



For more information on the new curriculum for Wales please click the link below: