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The Hollies School

The Hollies School

Learning to flourish

Attendance, Lateness and Absence





Morning registration time is 8:55-9:30. Any child arriving at school after morning registration (9:30) will be marked as late and parents will have to sign children in as a late arrival. 


If your child will be late to school or leaving school during the day for a medical/dental appointment, please inform the school in writing prior to the appointment, stating who will be collecting the child and at what time.




If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please contact the school as soon as possible. If your child is ill, please ensure you contact our reception team every day that your child will be absent. 


Letters are required for all medical appointments to be authorised; please note that we will not always be able to authorise a full days absence for medical appointments.


Parents and Guardians often ask when their child should attend school if they are unwell.  If you are unsure please contact the school to discuss your child's return. If your child has a cough or cold then they will usually still be able to attend school.  


We will always contact you if your child’s condition worsens. It is very important that we have all of the correct contact details for all responsible adults, this includes mobile numbers and work phone numbers.


If any of your details change please contact reception so that we can update our records on:

02920 734411.


Whenever possible can we please ask that medical appointments be made at the end of the school day or outside of school hours.