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The Hollies School

The Hollies School

Learning to Flourish

Attendance, Absence and Lateness


The Welsh Government states that all children should have a minimum of 95% attendance and this is our aim at The Hollies. The Local Authority is notified as soon as a pupil’s attendance falls below 86%. 


Morning registration is from 8.55am to 9.30am – if pupils arrive after this time it will be recorded as late.


If a child is going to be absent please inform The Hollies office on 02920 734411 by 9am or ASAP on the first day of absence. A member of staff will be in touch if you do not contact the school. If a reason is not provided for absence it is recorded as an unauthorised absence. We ask that you inform us when you expect the child to return to school – if they do not return on the expected day please contact us again.


Please call the school office to report any absences – messages should not be sent with transport or other pupils. Photos of appointment letters must be sent via Class Dojo to the class teacher or the original can be sent to school and we will photocopy for our records. The original letter will be returned to you. Please make appointments for the end of school day if possible.


Family holidays cannot be authorised other than exceptional circumstances. In exceptional circumstances you will be asked to complete a Holiday Request Form. Holidays can only be authorised by the Head Teacher, Lisa Marshall.


You will be kept informed of your child’s attendance termly, we use the following formula to rate attendance.  If you are experiencing any issues with attendance, please contact school to discuss ways in which we can support you.


Did you know?

If your child’s attendance is 80% this means that they have missed:

1 day every week,

6 days every half term,

12 days every term

36 days every year

180 days in five years

… That’s nearly one whole school year