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SCIP Outreach (Social Communication Interaction and Play)

The SCIP Outreach Service is based at The Hollies School. The service offers advice, support and visual strategies for children with social communication difficulties and those with a diagnosis of ASD in mainstream Nursery and Reception classes.  An initial observation report is completed with individual recommendations made. Follow up visits are then arranged on a regular basis depending on the level of need.

In addition. the SCIP Outreach team support up to 15 children in Flying Start Playgroup settings as part of Step Up SCIP Outreach

The SCIP Outreach Team are:

Lynda Middlemiss - Full time Outreach Teacher

Kate Lloyd / Juliette Humphries - Part time Outreach Teachers

Angela Flynn - Full time Outreach HLTA

Cath Connolly - Full time Outreach HLTA


During the last academic year the SCIP Outreach service supported 146 children in 71 different mainstream primary schools across Cardiff.


Awards we have recieved so far.

  • Healthy Schools
  • Eco School
  • Curriculum Pioneers
  • Team Teach